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All testing students should arrive early before the test begins to begin stretching on the dojo floor.  All testing students must be registered on-line and pre-paid before testing.

Belt tests are generally held twice per year and may or may not include all belt levels. 

Fees to take the test:

Lower Belt:   $45.00      Brown Belt:   $85.00      Black Belt Test:  $150.00   

Weapons Test:  $10.00

Lower Belt through Brown Belt Test - October 22, 2011
WOSKKA Event - September 25, 2010
WOSKKA Workshop - Instructors and Students
Tosh's Karate Academy - Young Students with Instructors - October 2010
Past Event Photos (Nostalgic)
Dan Tosh, Shelley Tosh, Bob Wall and Mark Gerry
Kyoshi Chris Sasville and Grandmaster Sid Campbell
Woskka Dinner photos from 2005
Hanshi Sid Campbell
Kyoshi Chris Sasville and his wife Kathy
Sifu Janet Gee and Hanshi Dan Tosh
Jeanne Tollow, Renshi Danny Tosh and Shihan John Tollow
Renshi Leita Stevens and her husband, Daniel
Dr. Zee Lo and Hanshi Dan Tosh