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Grandmaster Tosh in 110 Magazine - June 2009
Click here to read the article about Grandmaster Tosh in the June issue of 110 Magazine. 
(Go to pages 64-65 of this virtual magazine on-line)

GM Tosh and wife, Shelley with Ernie Reyes, Sr., 2009
Grandmaster Tosh
Appeared in 'Martial Arts Legends' magazine - July 2000 Issue
Renshi Chris Sasville and Hanshi Tosh
Grandmaster Tosh & Al Dacascas
GM Tosh & Gene LeBell
GM Tosh & Howard Jackson
Masters Collage
Grandmaster Tosh & Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Miss Shannon Lee & GM Tosh
Brentwood Press Article 08/20/99
Dan Tosh, Eric Lee, Benny 'The Jet' and Sid Campbell
Grandmaster Tosh and wife, Shelley
Black Belt Magazine Booth - Ohio - 2004